R for Excel Users – Part 4 – Pasting into a filtered table

If you have ever tried to paste into a filtered table in Excel you will know that this does not work as expected. Excel ignores the filtering and just pastes in the data starting from the first row selected. All the work arounds I’ve ever found didn’t work for me. The only guaranteed method is to sort the data and then manually find the rows where you want to paste in.

Thankfully, in R, it is very easy to complete this task.

## Create data frame
a <- rep(LETTERS[1:5], times = 5)
b <- rep(NA, each = 25)
df <- data.frame(a, b)
## Add values to b (column 2) where a is equal to "B"
df[a == "B",2] <- c(6,7,8,9,0)

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